Today, given the increasing dependence on information and communication technologies (ICT),especially the Internet, for delivery of services and operations, one of the biggest challenges the world faces is that of cyber security. Cyber security is a complex issue, affecting manyapplication domains and straddling many disciplines and fields. Securing the critical infrastructures requires protecting not only the physical systems but, just as important, the cyber portions of the systems on which they rely. The most significant cyber threats are
fundamentally different from those posed by the “script kiddies” or virus writers who
traditionally have plagued users of the Internet. Given the kind of activities being carried out in the cyberspace, cyberspace merges seamlessly with the physical world. But so do cybercrimes. Backbone of cyber criminals the underground black market supported by exploit kits, packaged malware and hacks is expected to continue and evolve citing tried-and-true crime ware like Black Hole, ransomware, APTs which have been improved and refined in ways that shows the extent of professionalism and methodology for developing malwares.images