Gesture control is no new technology and there have been numerous iterations of gesture control devices that allow users to interact with the virtual world.  Dexta Robotics, a robotics company in China, is now taking their strike at virtual reality control using robotics and Dexmo.  What separates Dexmo from the rest of gesture control devices is that it is affordable and comes in two forms, the Dexmo Classic and Dexmo F2.  What is unique about Dexmo F2 is that it utilizes a joint gear-disk braking device located on the exoskeleton to provide force feedback to the user through their index finger and thumb to allow them to actually feel how heavy or light an object is as well as its contours.  The braking mechanism can also receive signals when a collision has been detect to lock the exoskeleton and prevent further finger movement to signify that a boundary has been…

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