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Recent research has shown that companies are underestimating the risk of failing to provide security training to non-technical staff.

In its latest report, Intel Security warns that IT security training for non-technical staff cannot be overlooked. The study, which surveyed IT decision makers in European-based companies[1], found that within UK companies, sales staff are the most exposed to online attacks.

This is thanks to their frequent online contact with non-staff members. Incidentally, they were closely followed by the call centre and customer services teams – making both departments more at risk from a cyber-attack than the company CTO. However, 51% of UK companies fail to provide sales staff with IT security training.

With the number of suspect URLs soaring 87%[2] between 2013 and 2014, the risk of untrained staff clicking on dangerous links and unwittingly unleashing a browser attack on their organisation is also on the rise.

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