Mobile Social Consumers

Cyber security doesn’t only get breached because clever hackers manage to break through your cyber defences. Ask most IT professionals and they will say that the people they fear most are their colleagues.

Why is that? Why does business culture so often mean that the employees of an organisation are such a major cause of cyber damage?

Of course it depends on the organisation, but here are ten common reasons (plus a bonus reason) why employees can cause trouble.

1. It doesn’t matter

Everyone knows that what you say on the internet, especially on social media, doesn’t matter. It’s unofficial, it doesn’t count legally, and it’s not important. Hmm, ask Sally Bercow and countless like her who have found out otherwise. Anything you write on social media (or in an email, or in an online or mobile message), cannot be unwritten, can be archived and may have an impact on…

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