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Agari has released the 2014 edition of its State of Email Trust report, an exclusive research study based on analysis of email authentication practices for 147 companies across 11 industries. The report identifies spikes and declines in cyber-attacks across industries throughout the year, revealing companies and industries never know when attacks may occur, nor can they anticipate their breadth and severity.

The State of Email Trust provides email “trust” ratings, or how well companies are protecting consumers from email cyber-threats, and provides email “threat” ratings (ThreatScore), or the volume of cyber-threats targeted toward any given company’s consumers via email relative to other companies and industries analysed. Customers of more than 75 percent of all companies surveyed were identified to be at high risk of malicious email attacks.

“We saw a record number of US data breaches in 2014 and cyber-attacks are a steady drumbeat of increasing breadth and severity, with…

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