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By Ryan J. Cooper, Esq.

Previously printed in the Meadowlands USA Blog

A three-step process to prevent your business from a data breach

On an almost daily basis, news reports announce another breach of corporate websites and point-of-sale systems. Data breaches at some of the country’s largest retailers attract national press attention, but numerous studies confirm that the majority of data breaches are occurring at small to mid-sized business. Many are unaware that they have been compromised. These businesses are at significant risk for costly, and potentially catastrophic, losses including liability to customers and payment card issuers, and a loss of reputation and good will.

Your business’s exposure to losses due to a data breach can be mitigated by taking relatively simple steps to identify and address your security vulnerabilities. Every business should, at least annually, conduct a risk assessment of their information systems, including retail point-of-sale systems, update…

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