Threat Intelligence Times

A new report on 5,500 companies comprising 15,000 website and network scans, performed on over 1.9 million files, has found that nearly half (46%) of the web applications scanned contained a ‘high security’ vulnerability such as XSS or SQL Injection. Almost 4 in 5 (87%) were affected by a ‘medium security’ vulnerability.

Many scans found the main superbugs of 2014 have not been patched, especially POODLE. Just published, the Web Application Vulnerability Report 2015 from security vendor Acunetix also examined DoS attacks, SSL and perimeter vulnerabilities, among others.

In today’s landscape, with high profile hacks and data breaches appearing in the media you might think these are the unlucky few – yet actually most companies are leaving themselves vulnerable to attacks. In the race to produce user-friendly interfaces and customer-centred apps, modern companies are leaving their (and our) precious data wide open to cyber criminals. With nearly half of web…

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