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ProxyGambit boasts twice the radio range of the ProxyHam, as well as unlimited reach with GSM.

While many of us have been scratching our heads as to what happened to the ProxyHam following its sudden disappearance, Samy Kamkar has surfaced with his own take on online anonymity. The hacker has created what he calls an “advanced resurrection of ProxyHam,” also known as ProxyGambit — a device that enables users to access an Internet connection from anywhere on Earth without ever revealing their IP address or location. 


The news of ProxyHam demise came over Twitter when Rhino Security, the consultancy run by the project’s creator Ben Caudill, announced that the was being pulled from the DEFCON agenda. The tweet stated, “Effective immediately, we are halting further dev on #proxyham and will not be releasing any further details or source for the device.”

The $238 ProxyGambit has one-upped its predecessor, given that its direct line-of-sight point-to-point link boasts a range of up to six miles…

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