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This open source, end-to-end platform helps you keep tabs on your solar energy use.

Have you ever wondered about the efficiency of your solar panels or just how much energy was being consumed inside your home? Luckily, there’s an open source monitor that can now provide an answer to those questions. Simply plug Hicosy into your photovoltaic system and smart meter, and immediately begin receiving real-time information and alerts.


Driven by an Arduino Yún (ATmega32U4), Hicosy comes in two different versions: one for data transmission over WiFi, the other using a cellular network. Each kit is comprised of a custom board, a microSD card, an Arduino GSM shield and some cables and accessories, all housed inside a specially-designed enclosure.

The kits work by connecting to the inverter, as well as either a HAN via Wi-Fi/Ethernet or a GSM network. From there, Hicosy is able to continuously collect energy production data such as voltage and current, and the status of your plant including warning messages, rate comparison and estimated gross revenue.


Acquired information is then transmitted…

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