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1. Blockchain Explainer (for financial markets) by the FT

Philip Stafford does an excellent job, both in print and video, in explaining why banks have “a keen interest in applying the blockchain…to financial markets.”

He goes on to note:

As with any new technology, experimentation abounds. The term “blockchain” is becoming difficult to define. For instance there is a growing debate about whether a blockchain even needs a digital token like bitcoin. Some start-ups are turning to “permissioned” distributed ledgers, where permission is granted to approved actors to access the network, and quickly record trades and discover asset ownership.

This echoes the debate that Tim Swanson has written about extensively. PaymentSource does a nice overview in their article A Very Public Conflict Over Private Blockchains. I recently ran across a nice chart by Jack Gavigan that attempts to further define the ‘taxonomy’ of distributed ledgers:

jack gavigan blockchain taxonomy

2. More Blockchain…

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