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Gesto Open Source Gesture Control Platform

Fantasy tales are frequently spun around enchanters with the ability to wave their hands to manipulate their reality.  Are you ready to become one of those enchanters? Ricardo Santos, CEO and co-founder of start-up Gesto, wants to put the power to manipulate your reality into your hands with his open source gesture control platform.  The platform is the latest addition to the gesture controlled wearable market, which is expanding at a rapid pace and is of particular interest to those involved with the Internet of Things.

“We developed technology that allows users to create their own gestures,” Santos explained, which is what sets the technology apart from current devices that only allow for certain motions or gesticulations. Gesto does not rely on cameras to detect user movement, significantly increasing the user’s freedom of movement and interactions.  “You can move around a specific location without being concerned about the limited…

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