Tech for the rest of us

The New York Times ran an article about a summer camp run by the NSA that teaches high school age kids about the finer points of hacking and coding. Yes, we all heard about what Edward Snowden did and how the NSA watches our every move. But in this day, is this really all that surprising? Let’s be honest anyone of us who has a Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other type of social media account is voluntarily sharing their information.

NSA Summer Camp

Anytime someone posts a photo or shares their location, they are giving up their privacy.

Yet, I digress. The whole idea of a camp such as this is interesting. The NSA’s justification that by teaching coding/hacking to camp attendees is that it will help them to prepare better security code.

It seems to encourage creative thinking in order to attached a problem. Like when one is playing…

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