Innovation drives Emotion, Value, Experience

The digital world has fundamentally changed the retail ecosystem. Especially smartphones are changing the way we shop. We are moving from E-Commerce to M-Commerce.

Our mobile won´t be the only device anymore having the capability of collecting data and communicating with other devices. Whether it be referred to as Connected Devices, Intelligent Devices, Wearable tech or Internet of Things (IoT), they all refer to devices that monitor and gather data. IoT provides new opportunities for consumers by taking the “things” that we use every day and embedding them with the ability to interact and communicate with us.

Where we will see Internet of Things converge quickly is certainly in retail. Here some examples:

  • Optimizing: Retailers are experimenting with using sensors to monitor and optimizing the flow of consumers as well as advertising opportunities. Intelligent queue management, for instance, is the answer to a more productive queue and a better customer…

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