Shivali Chandra

Around the end of June, Jasper, Antony, Eduardo, and I got the opportunity to attend O’Reilly Solid, a conference centered on hardware, software, and the Internet of Things. While we were only able to be there on the last day of the three-day event, we got to see some truly fantastic keynote speakers, technologies, and companies.

The day kicked off with speakers Jon Bruner from O’Reilly Media and Joichi Ito from MIT Media Lab, both of whom gave a talk about the rapid growth of the hardware field, and why that is more significant than the Internet of Things. What stood out to me most from this presentation was at the end, when they spoke about the emerging trend of combining the two areas to produce technologies like driverless cars, or create companies such as Nest, Tesla, and Rethink Robotics. In a sense, the natural…

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