Foreword to the series: So this is the first of all the “Tell me something scary” portion of this blog. I intended this a little while ago to be “In the news” portion but I’m not a newscaster and the title would compel me to write some useful news every now and then which I do not have the liberty to do so. So let’s just talk about something scary.

Car Hacking. Is like car jacking but on a more sophisticated level. Like sitting in front a computer, plug it on the internet and Viola! Security Researchers Chris Valasek, Director of Security Intelligence(IOActive), and Charlie Miller, Security Engineer(Twitter) showed Andy Greenberg, a writer for Forbes, what they can do to a car remotely.

A video is shown on Forbes Website. Check it out here.

And it is scary to drive a car and then not know when you’ll be attacked. I…

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