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car-traffic_z1HStUFd (1)Last week, two white hat, or ethical, hackers, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, took control of a Jeep Cherokee being driven by Andy Greenberg, a Wired magazine staffer, from Miller’s home ten miles away.  These are the same two who demonstrated their ability to hack into a vehicle’s OnStar system to override the driver’s actions in order to brake the car. On that occasion, the two were in the back seat of the vehicle. But last week’s report that they were ten miles away illustrates the potential on a much more frightening level.

Fortunately for all, the two were working with Chrysler so that the automaker could develop a fix that can be downloaded onto a USB drive (or can be obtained from Chrysler directly, also on a USB drive). Hopefully the two, or other white hat hackers, will continue to search for opportunities so the defects/bugs/whatever we should call them…

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