Syed Anwaarullah

I’ll be doing a series of posts on getting started with building IoT applications using an AWS EC2 Instance and an Arduino with ESP8266 WiFi Module. We’ll eventually delve into Raspberry Pi, MongoDB, Node.js, Dashboards etc as  the journey continues.

The inspiration behind these IoT series is the lack of a true IoT development experience. We usually use Data Endpoint providers like ThingSpeak, Xively etc without knowing what’s happening in the background and how they’re acing it.

We’ll be playing around with PHP, MySQL and Apache on the “Internet” side and Arduino and ESP8266 on the “Thing” side eventually combining them together to build an “Internet of Thing”.

If you already have access to a Website running off a Linux instance (private/shared hosting), you can skip Part 1 and directly jump to Part 2.

In these series, we’ll be covering up the following parts.

  1. Creating an Amazon Web Service EC2 Instance and…

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