Remotely Thoughts

Nanotechnology is going to fundamentally change the way we live. Nanotechnology is the science of working with atoms and molecules to build devices or robots that are extremely small. In the near future, nanobots will be able to be swallowed in pill size and will be able to detect and fight off diseases within the body. According to TED Talker and MIT Media Lab founder Nicholas Negroponte, in 30 years, we will be able to swallow pills and ingest information through the blood stream. Take a pill and learn English. Take a pill and learn Shakespeare.

For the apartment industry, here are some nanotechnology predictions that will change the way residents live in apartments.

1) The paint on the walls will be able to turn any color in real time.

Something unexpected happened when scientists …started stringing together nanoparticles of gold.

2) Paper will be replaced by electronic…

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